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The Project Management Software With Unlimited Everything For Small Business

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When working with a team it can be hard to keep track of the efforts and making them equal to goals, as it can be hard to track every single step and collaborate effectively.

That’s why we are often pointed towards project management tools to make few things simple and gain more control of the workflow in the organization.

But finding a cost-effective project management tool can be a challenge itself, so if you are looking for a one-stop no BS solution to optimize your team efforts then you should continue reading.

Bloo.io tagline says it all: “Simple & affordable online project management software ‍that your team will actually use”.

So let’s discuss the features and pricing for this amazing project management tool:


Why is the dashboard important? Because at the time of work your team should not be sidetracked and could find the resources easily.

The dashboard of Bloo.io is simple and not complicated with multiple features that can distract your team easily.

The dashboard contains your “To-do list”, overdue projects, chats, activity, and calendar to further plan your work.

Other than that dashboard looks great, not overcrowded, simple, and actually feels relaxing.

But you are not short on features here, you can easily:

  • Change colors
  • Customize the interface
  • Change languages
  • Enable dark mode


A collaboration tool’s critical component is its file storage, this can be used from documents, invoices to gifs for the things to do in the list.

Bloo.io comes with unlimited file storage so that you don’t need to worry about buying additional storage per month as your organization grows.

Other than file storage Bloo.io also lets you drag files up to 5GB into tasks etc.

Which is awesome and not offered by many collaboration tools.

Other than uploading files Bloo.io also gives you file management tools that can help you easily preview the files.


When it comes to real work Bloo.io doesn’t disappoint.

Creating to-do lists are easier to manage and accomplish the daily task, you can simply drag and drop or create your own lists.

Once done with a task it could be marked as accomplished, it feels good when the tasks get marked completed by the way.

This allows your team to be more productive and improves time management.

Also while working on projects Bloo.io also has these beautiful premade templates that can be used and edited easily to create your own projects.

Working with other teams requires good collaboration to avoid confusion and get things done at a given deadline.

Bloo.io supports multiple teams within their customer dashboard where both parties can easily manage their project in hand and delegate tasks or even communicate with ease.

However, if your team has their own tasks that can be easily managed too as this collaboration tool doesn’t leave anything.

Overall UI:

Navigating to features is easier than other project management tools including Trello.

Calendar view: One of the most attractive features of bloo.io is its calendar view that can be used further to plan and assign tasks in an organization or with multiple teams.

The simple drag and drop feature makes it more efficient too.

The dashboard creates a simple and distraction-free environment for your team to work better and avoid getting sidetracked from their given work.

If your team is working remotely (which at this time a lot of them are) then planning your projects ahead over video calls while using the tool also works great and avoids lags.

Customer Service:

A lot of management tools can come cheap but often lack quality customer support.

But if you understand the features it would all be fine, right?

No, even the best of the best software gets an error a bug that needs to be squashed, and if not all of these things.

Your team still may have some questions they need to ask in order to operate the system perfectly.

With Bloo.io you get fast and responsive customer support via chat, email, or through a call.

Preference can be given to chat as it is better to show snaps of the problems you are dealing with.


Availability of a project management tool is also important to keep them mobile and ensure that it can be used anywhere by anyone regardless of their device preference.

This can often be a factor in increasing productivity as we all know that people are one notification away to get to work.

Luckily Bloo.io is available for all these platforms below:


Project management tools can become more expensive than initially thought of as they charge per user and as you grow your team or add other teams let that be suppliers, etc.

You would be paying a whole lot than you previously planned and then it can create all sorts of challenges like finding another tool, shifting the work, etc.

But for Bloo.io pricing is just 50$ per month, a simple clear, and reasonable price.

With this you get all of these:

The price guarantee is another highlight of this tool as oftentimes once you sign up for a service and if its prices increase you have to pay additional than you planned.

But with this, if you sign up now you would only be paying the same price 50$ forever.

So do you now find Bloo.io worthy for your team? Let me know below!

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