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26 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas To Get New Clients

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Want to attract new real estate clients without feeling salesy? Social media is your secret weapon! But knowing what to post can be tough. Should you always share listings? Throw in a funny meme?

Don’t sweat it! We’ve got your social media plan sorted. These real estate social media post ideas are proven to spark interest and build those all-important connections with potential clients.

You’ll walk away with a content calendar filled with exciting things to share, making it easier to attract those new leads.

 Lots of successful realtors use these types of posts to grow their businesses.

Get ready for a mix of helpful tips, eye-catching visuals, and even some fun surprises to keep your audience engaged.

Key Takeaways

  • Social media is a must for real estate marketing, with 73% of buyers preferring agents who use video.
  • Share various types of content,, like market updates, tips for buyers, neighborhood guides, and home makeovers, to engage clients.
  • Use tools like Hootsuite to schedule posts and analyze social media trends to create relevant content.
  • Focus your efforts on platforms where your target audience is active to maximize engagement.
  • Boost interaction with entertaining memes, contests, community involvement highlights, and client testimonials.


importance of Social Media in Real Estate Marketing



Social media in real estate marketing is a game-changer. With 80% of agents boosting their presence, it’s clear they see the power of these platforms. Clients want to connect and engage where they spend time—on social.

Video marketing especially is key; listings with video attract more attention. This isn’t just buzz—it’s proven by the 73% stat favoring agents using videos.

Turning to social channels for real estate gives you a massive edge. You’re not only showing properties but also building trust through customer engagement and market updates. It helps people feel connected to their future homes before they even step inside! Social media isn’t an option anymore; it’s essential for anyone serious about growing their real estate business.

Trust and Experience: Key Attributes for Real Estate Agents



People want a real estate agent they can trust and who knows the ropes. I build that trust by sharing my experiences and showing what I know. It’s more than just selling homes; it’s about creating relationships and proving I’m reliable every step of the way.

My social media is where I shine, giving tips, sharing market insights, and celebrating successes with clients.

I use videos to give virtual tours and make people feel at ease before we even meet. Clients need to see firsthand that I understand their needs and the industry inside out. That’s how credibility grows – through engaging content that highlights my expertise while connecting with potential customers on a personal level.


26 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas


From video walkthroughs to market updates, tips for buyers, and historical facts about neighborhoods, there are endless opportunities to engage your audience on social media. Want to learn more about the best real estate social media post ideas to attract new clients? Keep reading!


Video Walkthroughs


I make sure to include video walkthroughs in my social media posts because they truly shine. Did you know 73% of potential customers lean towards agents who use video? That’s a number I can’t ignore.

These virtual tours give clients a feel for the property without stepping foot inside.

I take pride in creating engaging property tours that showcase each home’s unique features. This isn’t just about opening doors; it’s visual storytelling at its best. By posting these online listings, I connect with more clients and create buzz around properties.

Grabbing amazing interior shots from current or previous listings makes my videos stand out even more on social media platforms. My goal is always to drive client engagement and present each property through an inviting digital lens.


Market Updates


Property updates and housing market trends are crucial for real estate agents to share on social media. Keeping clients informed about the latest market changes can build trust and credibility.

By providing regular updates, real estate agents demonstrate their expertise and keep potential clients engaged. Staying on top of market trends is essential in today’s competitive real estate landscape.

The online presence of real estate agents has become increasingly important, with 80% planning to spend more time on social media marketing strategies over the next year. Sharing property updates and housing market trends helps establish a solid social media strategy for real estate professionals.

Utilizing automation tools like Hootsuite can streamline this process, making it easier to manage centralized social media content efficiently.


Tips for Buyers


When buying a home, it’s crucial to gather relevant information and make well-informed decisions. Look for helpful content such as buyer’s guides, tips on avoiding common mistakes, neighborhood insights, and facts about the area.

This type of valuable information can assist you in navigating through the process of purchasing real estate with confidence and clarity.

Now let’s delve into “Neighborhood Guides” to understand how they impact real estate marketing strategy..


Neighborhood Guides


Neighborhood guides are essential for providing potential clients with crucial information about the local area. Sharing insights into the community’s history, attractions, and amenities can help homebuyers make informed decisions.

By offering practical tips and advice tailored to their specific needs, real estate agents can attract new clients looking for guidance in navigating the property market. It’s important to showcase a comprehensive understanding of the neighborhood to build trust and credibility with potential buyers.

Taking a deep dive into specific neighborhoods allows real estate agents to establish themselves as experts in their local area, setting them apart from competitors and demonstrating a genuine commitment to serving their clients’ best interests.

Providing valuable insights about common mistakes in real estate transactions helps reassure prospective buyers while positioning real estate professionals as trusted advisors who prioritize helping them avoid pitfalls in their property search journey.


Historical Facts about Neighborhoods


After providing helpful guides about neighborhoods, sharing historical facts can further engage potential clients. Understanding a neighborhood’s history creates an emotional connection and shows the agent’s expertise in the area.

It can highlight unique selling points like heritage homes, landmarks, or cultural events that make the neighborhood desirable for homebuyers. Facts such as historical property values, urban development projects, or demographic shifts demonstrate market stability and growth opportunities for property investment.

Sharing these insights on social media builds trust and credibility with clients interested in long-term real estate decisions.

Neighborhood demographics


Before and After Home Makeovers


Revamp your social media with captivating before and after home makeovers. Showcase the transformation from dated to dazzling, appealing to potential buyers’ desire for modernized properties.

Unveil the power of property enhancement through stunning visuals that resonate with clients seeking a turnkey home solution.

Let’s now dive into interior design inspirations to elevate your real estate social media game and entice new clients with irresistible aesthetics.


Interior Design Inspirations


Looking for fresh interior design inspirations to captivate your real estate social media audience? Share stunning before and after photos of room makeovers, showcasing the power of transformation.

Engage your followers with DIY interior design tips and trending home decor ideas to spark their creativity. Highlighting stylish interiors and creative home designs can help potential clients envision their dream living spaces, stirring excitement about possibilities within their own homes.

By providing a visual feast of design trends and renovation inspiration, you’ll have your clients dreaming up innovative ways to revamp their living spaces.


Testimonials and Client Appreciation Events


Client testimonials and appreciation events are powerful tools in real estate social media marketing. Sharing positive feedback from clients builds credibility and trust with potential customers.

Hosting client appreciation events not only keeps past clients engaged but also encourages referrals, creating a loyal network of satisfied customers.

Engaging past clients through testimonials and appreciation events can lead to valuable referrals, fostering a strong client-agent relationship. Incorporating these aspects into social media posts helps humanize the brand and build authentic connections with the audience.

By showcasing client experiences and expressing gratitude through appreciation events, real estate agents can create compelling content that resonates with their followers.


Community Involvement and Local Business Spotlights


Engaging in local community events is a fantastic way to show support and connect with potential clients. Partnering with charitable causes, promoting local happenings, or highlighting neighborhood attractions can foster positive relationships within the community.

Additionally, showcasing the best local businesses and industry partners on social media demonstrates your extensive network and ability to provide valuable resources for clients looking to settle into a new area.

By actively participating in the local scene and shining a light on small businesses, you establish yourself as an agent deeply involved in the community and dedicated to helping clients find their perfect home.

Supporting charitable causes through active involvement and promoting nearby establishments not only demonstrates genuine care but also strengthens your network and reputation among potential clients.

Engage with local organizations while shedding light on unique neighborhood spots; this approach helps build trust with prospective homebuyers as they gain insight into their potential new living environment.


Memes, Funny Content, and Contests


Let’s boost engagement with entertaining content! Memes and funny images can lighten the social feed, drawing in potential clients. Ensure the content remains relevant to real estate but injects humor for a shareable touch.

Additionally, running engaging contests presents an opportunity for lead generation and audience interaction. Consider offering prizes like headphones to appeal to a wide audience.


Specific Examples and Sources for Each Post Idea


Using local real estate statistics for market updates is a great way to provide informative content that showcases your expertise. Sharing before and after photos of home makeovers can inspire potential clients and demonstrate the transformative power of real estate.

Incorporating interior design inspirations into your social media posts can help clients envision their dream home and capture their interest. Additionally, utilizing video walkthroughs in your social media strategy can give potential clients an immersive experience and increase the likelihood of them choosing you as their agent.

Sources such as local real estate boards, interior design magazines, and professional videographers can provide valuable inspiration and material for creating engaging social media posts.


Best Practices for Real Estate Social Media Marketing


Define your target audience, specialize in a specific market, and use tools to analyze your target market for maximum impact. To learn more about how to effectively market real estate on social media, continue reading the full blog post.


Define Target Audience


Identify your audience and tailor your marketing to a specific demographic. Utilize analytics to understand your customer base, choose the right social media platforms for your audience, and allocate resources to the most relevant platforms.

Customize your content for your target market by focusing on a particular niche within the real estate market. Research and understand your ideal customer, engage with them on social media, and create a customer persona for your target market based on relevant industry insights.

Ensure that no sentences begin with the same two words. Avoid using any three-word phrases more than once.


Specialize in a Specific Market


Define your niche market – luxury homes, urban condos, or waterfront properties. Tailoring your marketing strategy to a specific clientele allows for personalized communication and better client acquisition.

Utilize demographic analysis and market segmentation to understand the unique needs of your chosen market, enhancing tailored marketing and increasing the likelihood of successful client connections.


Use Tools to Analyze Target Market


Now that we’ve identified our specific market, it’s essential to use tools to understand and analyze our target audience. By utilizing demographic information, we can tailor our social media posts to resonate with the right people.

This allows us to invest time and effort in platforms where our audience is most active, ultimately maximizing our marketing efforts for better engagement and results.

Understanding your target market through data analysis enables you to craft a more effective social media strategy. Leveraging these tools offers valuable insights into audience behavior, giving you the edge in real estate marketing.


Choose the Right Social Media Platforms


When it comes to choosing the right social media platforms for real estate marketing, it’s crucial to consider your target audience and where they spend their time online. By investing time and effort in active platforms that align with your ideal clients, you can maximize your online presence and reach new potential clients.


Target Audience Determines Platforms


Your target audience determines the social media platforms you should focus on. By understanding your intended clients, you can select the most effective channels to engage them. This targeted approach optimizes your time and resources, ensuring that you invest in platforms where your potential customers are most active.

Adapt your social media strategy based on the preferences of your specific audience. Tailoring your content to resonate with their interests will help you effectively reach and engage with them.

Select the platforms that best align with the demographics of your intended client base for maximum impact.


Invest Time and Effort in Active Platforms


When choosing social media platforms for real estate marketing, it’s crucial to invest time and effort in the active ones. By focusing on platforms where your target audience is most engaged, you can maximize your online presence and better connect with potential clients.

Understanding which platforms resonate with your audience’s preferences will help you tailor your content effectively, driving user engagement and enhancing your digital marketing strategy.

This targeted approach ensures that you are investing resources where they can have the most impact.

Online community involvement is directly linked to identifying active platforms. Engaging with users on these dynamic channels allows you to build trust and credibility while catering to the specific needs of your target demographics.


Understand Social Media Trends


Keep up with the latest social media trends to ensure that your content remains relevant and engaging for your target audience. By staying informed about current trends, you can tailor your posts to resonate with your followers and attract potential clients.

Utilize demographic data and post performance metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your content, and access free reports on social media trends for 2022 to stay ahead of the curve.


Stay Informed About Current Trends


To excel in real estate marketing, it’s crucial to stay informed about current trends. Utilize demographic data and types of posts that perform well to recognize popular content. Access free Social Trends 2022 report for insights and understand successful post types based on the latest social media trends.

Monitor demographic information and utilize audience data to grasp social media trends.

By staying updated on social media trends, you can tailor your content effectively, engaging with potential clients in a meaningful way – this ensures maximum impact for your real estate business while saving time and resources.


Utilize Demographic Data and Post Performance


I utilize demographic data to tailor my social media content to resonate with specific audience groups. By analyzing post performance metrics, I gain valuable insights into what type of content engages my target audience.

Understanding social media trends helps me stay ahead and create relevant posts that appeal to different demographics, optimizing my marketing strategies for attracting new clients.

This approach ensures that I create targeted and appealing content that resonates with the right people, ultimately driving engagement and conversion rates.

Analyzing post performance provides me with actionable guidance on how to optimize my social media strategies for attracting new clients. In a competitive market, it is essential to understand user demographics and consumer behavior in order to deliver tailored content that garners attention.


Access Free Social Trends 2022 Report


Access the latest insights on social media by downloading the Social Trends 2022 report. Gain valuable knowledge about effective social media strategies, stay informed about current trends, and understand the latest social media best practices.

Analyze demographic data for social media marketing and identify high performing types of social media posts to elevate your real estate business. Keep up to date with social media trends to enhance your entrepreneurial journey.

Stay ahead of the game by utilizing this free resource as you navigate through the dynamic landscape of real estate marketing in a continuously evolving digital sphere.


Schedule Social Media Content in Advance


Plan your social media content in advance using tools like Hootsuite for scheduling and analysis. This allows for consistent posting, saves time, and ensures that you can maintain an active online presence without having to constantly monitor and create new posts.


Use Hootsuite for Content Scheduling and Analysis


I manage my content scheduling and analysis efficiently with Hootsuite. It allows me to draft, schedule, and publish posts across various platforms all in one place. Plus, I can easily track performance and account growth through smart analytics.

DMs are a breeze to handle with the user-friendly Hootsuite Inbox. With its automated scheduling features, I save time while ensuring my social media presence continues to grow. Centralized management from one dashboard means I stay organized for smooth sailing.


Manage DMs Easily with Hootsuite Inbox


Hootsuite’s efficient Inbox feature simplifies communication with clients on various social media platforms. This tool allows real estate professionals to streamline direct messages, saving time and effort while responding promptly to client inquiries.

With Hootsuite Inbox, managing multiple conversations becomes easier, ensuring a personalized and responsive approach to client communication.

Automating the management of direct messages using Hootsuite Inbox enables real estate agents to maintain consistent and effective communication across different social media channels.

Hootsuite Benefits for Real Estate Social Media


With Hootsuite, real estate agents can automate content scheduling and analysis, saving time and effort in managing their social media presence. They can also centralize their social media management and access a free 30-day trial to test out the platform’s benefits.


Automate Content Scheduling and Analysis


To streamline content scheduling and analysis, I recommend using Hootsuite. This platform allows you to efficiently manage social media content, track and analyze performance, and simplify DM management.

With smart analytics, you can evaluate account growth and engagement while centralizing social media management on one dashboard. By accessing a free 30-day trial, you can easily draft, schedule, and publish posts across multiple platforms.

Hootsuite provides the tools needed to optimize content publishing and scheduling in a single location.


Centralize Social Media Management


I simplify social media management with Hootsuite. Access a free 30-day trial to consolidate all your accounts in one place. Monitor, schedule, and analyze content efficiently from a unified dashboard.

Streamline your social media tasks with automated publishing and centralized monitoring for maximum impact.

Efficiently manage multiple social media platforms from one convenient location. Simplify content scheduling and analysis for streamlined marketing efforts. Take advantage of the 30-day trial to experience the benefits firsthand – start streamlining today!


Access Free 30-Day Trial


Try Hootsuite’s features for free with a 30-day trial. Automate content scheduling, publishing, and analysis all from one dashboard. Get smart analytics to track performance and account growth.

Manage direct messages easily with Hootsuite Inbox during the trial.


Michelle Martin’s Expertise in SaaS Content Creation

As a former agency strategist turned freelance content creator, I specialize in simplifying technical topics and work with Fortune-500 companies and startups, featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur.

If you’re looking for expert guidance on real estate social media marketing, be sure to check out my content for valuable insights and actionable strategies to elevate your online presence.


Former Agency Strategist Turned Freelance Content Creator


As a former agency strategist turned freelance content creator, I specialize in simplifying technical topics for effective content. With experience working with Fortune-500 companies and startups, my expertise lies in the SaaS industry, digital marketing, and thought leadership.

As seen in Forbes and Entrepreneur, my focus on online presence and copywriting aims to provide actionable guidance for entrepreneurs and freelancers seeking to enhance their digital footprint.


Specializes in Simplifying Technical Topics


I have extensive experience in simplifying technical topics for effective content creation. As a former agency strategist turned freelance content creator, I specialize in making complex concepts easy to understand – from SaaS technologies to digital marketing strategies.

With Fortune-500 companies and startups as my clients, I ensure that my writing is both informative and accessible, helping entrepreneurs and freelancers navigate the intricacies of online content creation with ease.

My expertise has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur, establishing me as a thought leader in the industry.


Works with Fortune-500 Companies and Startups, Featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur


Partnering with Fortune-500 companies and startups has been an illuminating experience, allowing me to deeply understand the intricate workings of the SaaS industry. Through these collaborations, I’ve honed my expertise in content marketing, business innovation, and technology solutions – vital knowledge that I passionately share with entrepreneurs and freelancers seeking to carve their niche in the digital startup realm.

The recognition from Forbes and Entrepreneur has further amplified my drive to provide actionable guidance and entrepreneurial expertise, aiming to empower others on their path towards successful business development within the tech landscape.


We’ve explored 26 effective real estate social media post ideas to attract new clients. These practical and efficient strategies can significantly impact your online presence and lead generation.

By implementing these approaches, you can enhance client engagement and boost your real estate marketing efforts. For those seeking further guidance on this topic, feel free to explore additional resources or services available in the market.

Embrace these ideas with confidence — take action today to elevate your real estate social media game!


How to use Social Media to Promote your Business in Ghana.




1. How can I use social media to attract new real estate clients?

Share stunning property photos, success stories, client testimonials, behind-the-scenes insights, and neighborhood highlights to engage potential clients.

2. Do I need a large following on social media to get new real estate clients?

Having a large follower count helps; however, focusing on quality content that resonates with your target audience can be more impactful than sheer quantity.

3. What type of content should I post on social media to attract potential homebuyers or sellers?

Post engaging information such as virtual home tours, market trends, local event updates, buyer/seller tips – anything that adds value and showcases your expertise in the industry.

4. How often should I post on social media to get the attention of potential real estate clients?

Consistent posting is important – aim for 2-5 posts per week depending on your capacity while ensuring each one provides meaningful value and engagement opportunities.


5: Can funny content be effective for attracting new leads through real estate-related social media posts?


Infusing humor into your posts can humanize your brand but ensure it aligns with industry professionalism and doesn’t overshadow valuable information for prospective clients.



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